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It's called ducking, sidechain ducking, sidechain compression or sometimes even "sidechaining". A compressor is a device which lowers the volume of a signal when it gets louder than a set threshold level. Compressors are used in many ways to alter the dynamics of individual instruments and mixes. In a sidechaining compressor, the "key" signal that's used to ...


So far as the MIDI data is concerned, none of the meta messages are necessary, but they are useful when converting the MIDI to music staff notation. The key signature is important for defining the correct "spelling" of the notes - for example whether MIDI note 61 should be written as a C sharp or a D flat. It makes no difference to the sound, but the "wrong"...


asynchronous in type 2 means that each track is an independent sequence : type 2 track are not meant to be played simultaneously. This differs from type 1 where tracks are meant to be played simultaneously. In type 1, timing of each track starts at zero time. Type 1 often has a "tempo track" as first track containing all tempo information. I've not seen type ...


It's unknown MIDI event indeed. I'm the author of DryWetMIDI library. Here you can see all standard events status bytes:

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