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A system I used for years had my tech building hookup cables to length, allowing for a little slack at the ends and then bundling them together to make a home-made snake. This works for a stage set-up that is the same each night, even if the venue changes. It helps to keep the stage floor cleaner, less cluttered, and reduces the chances of tripping over ...


Use spiral wrap to keep all cables that go to and from the same places. That way, since you probably set up the same each time, there will only be 3 or 4 'separate' cable runs. You can also use spiral wrap to allow a cable to poke out at any convenient point. A Snake may do the job with a bit of adaptation - change some of the plugs. Often the wires ...


Learn how to wrap cables. You will find many instructional videos, e.g.: Use Velcro cable ties to keep the coiled cables in place.

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