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Can vocal range extension be achieved by technique only? Or are exercises the key?

There is overlap in the meaning of the terms. Technique can mean: A specific way of using the voice. Chest voice, mixed voice, head voice, are all terms for different vocal techniques; ways of using ...
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Accessing Head Voice From Vocal Fry

This is a very confused question. Your description of falsetto is mostly wrong, partly by mixing up cause, effect, and side effects. Falsetto comes about by a particular configuration of the larynx ...
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How to compose for male falsetto?

The range for male falsetto tends to be that of alto. A few soloists might dip into mezzosoprano ranges, but alto is quite more common. One reason is that for a usable falsetto range, you are better ...
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I go into Falsetto at C5?

I'm no expert, but that sounds like a perfectly normal tenor range to me. What singers are you listening to? You could try transposing to another key, or singing in the same key but down an octave, ...
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I feel like my falsetto doesn't go as high as my head voice, is that likely?

I would say that head voice is always going to be higher. Falsetto is actually just a breathy head voice. You can be breathy in your chest voice too and call that "chest falsetto". You can definitely ...
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I go into Falsetto at C5?

B4 in the modal voice is an incredibly difficult note to reach! Who are you listening to that goes higher than that? The big note in Nessun Dorma is a B4 for Christ's sake! I consider myself very ...
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Missing Falsetto

I'd recommend you see an ENT. It is possible you could have vocal damage (although not super likely, so don't panic just yet). It is also possible you just forgot the coordination for falsetto, as you ...
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Can you be doing falsetto without knowing it

Both the Bee Gees & Green Gartside from Scritti Politti made their careers out of being able to sing falsetto at lower ranges than most people would naturally use. They, of course, knew they were ...
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How is (male) falsetto taught?

Trying to describe any vocal 'process' can be very difficult, and often ends up by using nebulous instructions like "sing through the top of your head". Teaching by example is often more ...
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Is high falsetto range means high chest range?

To answer your questions, no, there is no precise relationship between each person's normal (*) and falsetto ranges. They both depend on several factors: anatomy, technique, state of mind, etc., and ...
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Cannot produce (sing) any sound higher than #C5

Though I'm now in my 60s & well past my prime for a good top-end, I was a pro session singer for many years in my youth. I also had a hard-stop beyond which I could not sing. I could do the same ...
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Can't sing high notes in a chest voice but can in falsetto?

G2? It's possible that you've misidentified the octaves, as it's much more likely that you can sing G3-F4 (G2 is often a difficult low note for male singers; G3 is much more common at the bottom of ...
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Am I stuck like this?

No, you are not stuck like this. You’re voice is only just beginning to develop. Your voice won’t reach full maturity until around your mid-30’s, in about 20 more years. That’s a long time. Your ...
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Is falsetto bad?

It's the only way to get notes higher than one's normal range. Voice quality won't be the same, but there's no other way. Either use falsetto, or avoid notes higher than the normal range. Or change ...
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Vocal technique in the chorus of Stomp! by Brothers Johnson

I gave a listen to the song. George Johnson is not singing falsetto during the verse, not until the final ringing note of the line immediately preceding the chorus. Thats the natural upper range of ...
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I go into Falsetto at C5?

You need to find your range, and be comfortable with it. Tenor tesituras are less common, actually, and are very desirable. Also, careful practice/warmup can allow you to "stretch" your range, but ...
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Why can I only reach high notes after an extended warm-up session?

This does not sound like "warmup" but rather like pre-stress. The purpose of warmup generally is to align your reflexes to the realities of today's state of voice and atmosphere and give an ...
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Regaining falsetto after a cold

I am a professional Baritone and unfortunately get colds all the time. You must ensure that you do not strain your voice - if you can't get a note, stop trying and try the next day. To ease your full ...
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