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I don't personally own Finale, but I understand there is a "Canonic Utilities" tool that allows you to do such transformations. According to this site on Finale's page, you can find it under Plug-Ins => Scoring and Arranging => Canonic Utilities. I admit that I don't fully know what you're looking for—exact inversion, or inversion within the C-minor ...


You can choose the split point: it is some where beyond the plug-ins like arrangemement tools. You can choose any point like e.g. C3 or A2 etc. You can give in the pitch or the midi number:


Make 2 versions: a print version (like your example) and an audio where you keep the notes like you want (try with edit note length or accents e.g. tenuto in %)


In Finale you can create your own shortcuts: and Windows: Esc => tool selection mode tab => simple entry (pitch tool: ô) from here you can with Alt and numbers 1,2,3,...

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