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How can I get the guitar sound that I need?

This is really far too broad, but this is a long journey to be starting on, so let me throw you a bone - from where you can go off & do some more research of your own. Kurt Cobain mainly used ...
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Is it a waste of money if I buy a multi-effect pedal when I have an amp which has built-in multi effects?

Pedals can be turned on and off by stomping on them during a live performance giving you more control and feel to your tracks. Setting the effects by hand on the amp is ok but if you're playing live ...
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How can I get a sound similar to Shine by Collective Soul?

My band performed this song many times, in standard 440 tuning. I played it on an Ibanez Artcore (semi-hollow) jazz guitar with Humbuckers. Middle pickup switch position (both pickups working), tone ...
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