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When did drop voicings (e.g. drop, 2 drop 3 etc.) become codified for guitar?

I don’t know when it was first described but in Mel Bay’s Complete Johnny Smith Approach to Guitar on page 92 there is description of Drop 2 voicing vis-a-vis dominant 7 inversions. My copy says it ...
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Why is the "longest note value still in common use" called a "breve", when breve means "short"?

Our modern notation of music evolved from the so-called mensural notation, used up to about 1600. This system had a complicated ligature system (unlike our pretty straightforward note stems today) and ...
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What's the earliest known example of music written for an electronic instrument?

TL;DR Theremin is considered the first electronic instrument in terms of the modern development of such instruments. The first piece composed specifically for Theremin was Andrey Pashchenko's "...
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