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For what it's worth, Focusrite's recommendation is less than 200 ohms for USB-powered interfaces, which includes Scarlet solo. The interface just lacks voltage to drive high impedance headphones at full volume. It's up to you if it's loud enough.


In practise, anything with a dedicated ¼" headphone output is going to be designed to drive 250Ω headphones at comfortable listening levels. You really only need to compromise to lower impedance if you need extra volume - eg a drummer tracking to a click track - would need 80Ω for that extra punch. Low impedance headphones are for low output devices ...


If the source runs on a 3v power rail (a couple of AA batteries) or a 5v one (USB) you'll need low impedance cans in order to get any volume. With 12v, 24v or more to play with, higher impedance is appropriate. Neither is good or bad as such. Pick the ones that suit your equipment. It may be that high impedance cans are perceived as inferior by analogy ...


I don’t think there is any difference in sound quality, or at least if there is, it’s so minimal that it’s overshadowed by all the other design elements of the headphones. The reason why different impedances are available is to work better with different devices. If you buy the highest impedance set and plug it into your smart phone, you may find that even ...

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