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For questions pertaining to the use and history of keyboard pedals, including but not limited to the sustain pedal, the sostenuto pedal, and the piano pedal. Please do not use the pedal tag.

A grand piano typically has 3 or 4 pedals, whereas an upright piano usually only 2 or 3.
An electronic keyboard can often have a digital pedal connected to it.

The most common types of pedal are:

  • sustain pedal / damper pedal (right)
  • una corda pedal / soft pedal (left)
  • sostenuto pedal / selective sustain pedal (middle)
  • sordino pedal / practice pedal

Other instruments such as the celesta, vibraphone, and tubular bells, may also have a pedal with similar function to the sustain pedal.

Question on the keyboard pedal: history, notation, usage, or technique, are on-topic with this tag.