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Professionalism at piano playing

what is the trick behind using two different hands to play several different notes with different fingers I'm very much a beginner at trying to play the piano, so this may be wrong, but afaik there ...
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Connect keyboard and synthesizer via MIDI Thru

Finally I achieved my goal without using MIDI Thru. Both, synth and keyboard, are connected via USB directly to the PC. In Ableton Live I routed the MIDI from the Keyboard to the Synth. And then I ...
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How do you re-learn the basics you already know?

I would suggest you take a couple of lessons, to receive a proper personalized feedback from a pianist. If you don't have such an opportunity, I would suggest you do the old trick with the metronome: ...
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Get output from keyboard in mono powered mixer

Make sure your instrument cables are in working order by swapping them out. If no stereo plug is needed from the Yamaha it could be the cable that is the problem. Make sure they are instrument cables ...
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