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Original question - Is there a way to balance the panning of an audio file? Let's take you audio file, a WAV file made as a mono sample. There are a tone of FX that handle panning, delay, reverb, and more that you can apply to the channel that sample resides. There's your answer. The best audio panning software should be found on 3rd party audio units. So ...


I figured it out! 👏 In the left inspector channel strip (this is where you will find your plugins), select "Gain" ("Stereo", not "Dual Mono"). When you receive the Gain pop-up menu, turn on "Mono", and the audio should now play out of both sides.


So, this is actually a mono file that has erroneously been rendered as single-channel stereo. So one fix is to convert it back to mono, which can then be used like any other mono file (panned to either side). Any DAW worth its money, or even its freeness, will have an easy way to do that. (Logic is IMO not worth its money, but still pretty sure it can do ...


I use Logic Pro and haven't run into this but... I think I know a solution! In Logic Pro preferences, go to recording. Make sure you have your Midi cycle on and off set to Merge and not overlap!

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