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After living half of my life around pianos in conditions that are sometimes less than ideal for humans, I can confirm that majority of pianos are not that much sensitive. If people survive, pianos more or less survive, too. Things that can be really bad for a piano: High (condensing or near-condensing) humidity for prolonged time (months) and mold Moths (...


If the temperature occasionally goes below 10°C or above 35°C there should be no problem as long as you can avoid sudden changes of temperature. You should at all costs avoid having the piano exposed to direct sunlight. It makes sense to keep the piano in a room that is heated to at least 15° during the winter. If the temperature changes a lot, the piano ...


Sounds as if the corks are dried out and/or over-compressed. A little time dis-assembled and a touch of cork grease (Vaseline will do) should fix it.

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