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The old trick for getting cigarette smoke smell out of your stage suit was to hang it overnight over a bowl of vinegar. Don't suppose that would do a guitar any harm.


Letting it "air out" afterward is probably the best suggestion so far. I wonder how much the smell is getting into the grain of the wood and how much it's actually in the fabric lining of your guitar case? During the gig, can you store your case somewhere safe from the smell? (At the weirdest, stuff it into a giant garbage bag?) I've have some ...


I had a similar thing happen to my first violin when I was a kid and destroyed it, sad face. It was a beautiful violin, great sound. If you are not a luthier or have experience with such instruments, I'd take it to a luthier immediately and ask them to look it over. It's like going to the doctor.


You really want a 1000-word answer to this? :-) Look it over. IS anything visibly broken? Does it play OK? If nothing's broken, probably no need to fix it.


Note: I'll answer this question with violin and other bowed strings in mind. Many of the tips would also apply to acoustic guitar or other wooden instruments. First: It never hurts to take it to a professional. You need to know of a good, reputable, capable person who can do repairs and maintenance on your instrument. How to find such a person is its own ...

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