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Does it need classification? Why does everything have to be pigeon-holed? 5/4 (and 5/8 for that matter) is generally split into a more manageable 2 and 3, or 3 and 2. Not very often is it counted as a simple 5 with no sub pulse. That may be because humans are happier with basic counts of 2s and 3s. After all, most of our (Western) music falls into that ...


Regardless of how the notes in 5/4 are grouped, I believe 5/4 is a simple meter because its quarter notes are divided into 8th-note duplets. A quintuple-meter respective compound meter is 15/8, with 5 dotted-quarter-note beats made of 8th-note triplets.


Benrg's answer is really the correct one here, but I'd like to add a little historical perspective on why this convention exists. 3/4 meter generally represents 3 beats to a measure, where a quarter note is the primary beat. 6/8 generally represents 2 beats to a measure, where a dotted quarter is the primary beat. To understand why this happened, it's ...

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