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Connect keyboard and synthesizer via MIDI Thru

Finally I achieved my goal without using MIDI Thru. Both, synth and keyboard, are connected via USB directly to the PC. In Ableton Live I routed the MIDI from the Keyboard to the Synth. And then I ...
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How can I use Ultimate Guitar tabs for backing

According to the video "How to Import A Guitar Pro File into MuseScore" by Traveling Guitarist (below), you can just drag and drop a GP5 file into the MuseScore UI. This is demonstrated in ...
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Will recording as MIDI lose the quality of a WAV?

To address a concern in a comment: I was just worried that recording the music as a MIDI would remove the subtle differences (such as hard and soft notes) so that when I converted it to a WAV file it ...
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Will recording as MIDI lose the quality of a WAV?

I'm confused by this question because midi isn't really a sound format. It's a score format, so to speak. The tones are not recorded but really prescribed - they're notes for an instrument to be ...
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Will recording as MIDI lose the quality of a WAV?

MIDI is textual descriptions like a book. Letters and numbers. C#5, E4, G3. Instructions that can be read and misinterpreted in any way imaginable. Channel 2, channel pressure 45. WAV is an audio ...
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Synthesizer: why playing a second time the same note shut down the first one?

There are certainly use-cases for overlapping notes in MIDI (as with pianos that have 3 strings per key to add more depth to the sound). And yes, there is no way for a synth to know which NoteOn is ...
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