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ASIO4ALL is just a CPU emulation of real ASIO and it's always slower than hardware supported ASIO. So check if your audiocard supports hardware ASIO. If it doesn't - you can either buy a new one or just accept that it can't do it with appropriate latency.


Not a complete answer, but it might help you a bit further? It seems you can send start and stop midi signals from a controller to Garageband, e.g. here in the Nektar GX 61 manual p.12 ( it shows how you can use the transport buttons on the ...


Yes, you can make a count-in that you can hear in the midi file, but doesn't show up in the pdf score. The trick is actually to make two score blocks (one with the count-in and one without). Fortunately this is reasonably easy if you use variables. Normally when using multiple instruments in a score you would want to wrap them both in double chevrons <&...


Speaking in principle, MIDI specifications allow only one patch per channel. You can change the patch as often as you want, you can set a different patch before every note you play, but a channel can only have a single patch at any time.


tl;dr: Just don't. Really, please. You cannot learn to play music by using your computer keyboard. It's like trying to learn cooking using an excavator. Or to drive a car with your chin. What you're experiencing is due to the rollover limitation of common computer keyboards: they can handle only few keys pressed together. It's not just a matter of the number ...

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