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Dot in front of a mordent

In the introductory notes to a critical edition of Charpentier's Élévation au St Sacrement, C. Jane Gosine writes (emphasis added): With no extant ornament tables by Charpentier, nor explanations of ...
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How do you distinguish an upper mordent from a trill?

It is a question of period and context, as there was not really a standard way of notating ornaments for a long time and even what existed changed over time. In Bach’s notation for example the upper ...
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Bach BWV 812 Menuet I: do(can) ornaments presage the accidental?

Certainly the entire bar is an E major bar, so every B should be played as a B natural. But you're right that accidentals in the auxiliary notes are supposed to be notated explicitly. I can only ...
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J.S. Bach: Prelude #1 for well tempered clavier: mordent

First remark that manuscripts of Baroque pieces are wildly different. Part of the reasons are that back then there is no concept of a fixed substantiation of a piece. Players are allowed and even ...
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Baroque mordent with leading "slur"?

What ever this is - a slur or not - the E has to be played on the second eight of the bar and preceding the mordent, as in the right hand are first to be played A and G. In my opinion the editor ...
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Will the accidental of a mordent affect another mordent that is in the same measure?

This scenario is undefined and therefore ambiguous. It should be considered an editorial error. From Elaine Gould's Behind Bars: Accidentals affecting ornaments An altered pitch should be confirmed ...
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In these measures of Mozart K331, should the hand without grace notes start with the grace notes or the main notes by the other hand?

I have the impression that Mozart appogiaturas are "supposed to be" played on the beat., see the discussion about the Henle edition (...
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Bach BWV 812 Menuet I: do(can) ornaments presage the accidental?

Here's another view of the passage in question, including the preceding measures. ...the thrust of the bar [m.6] is to B(natural)... I don't think it's splitting hairs to say the thrust of the bar ...
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Piano mordent with two notes

John Thompson's Modern Course For The Piano The Fourth Grade Book p. 54 Ornaments: The Mordent has a vertical line through the middle of it that is written directly over and above the written note ...
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