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In short, definitely not. For several reasons: Human speech is more often weakly pitched or unpitched, and when it is pitched, the pitches or partial pitches do not progress in a musical way, but instead in a way that serves speech. Music that followed verbal pitch patterns (at least those of English speakers) would be very jarring. As noted elsewhere, even ...


Human speech (including dialogue in movies) has a certain pitch. Well, this is true MOST of the time. As counterexamples, whispers wouldn't have defined pitch, and neither would certain other ways to vocalize dialogue (vocal fry in a delivery tends to obscure the fundamental, for example). Breathing sounds like sighs don't have strong observable ...


It's an interesting thesis, but I don't think that vocal pitching in speech is either harmonic or melodic. In short-- I don't think it will really be a very meaningful matchup That being said, I can think of two examples where a movie tried to coordinate speaking and singing explicitly. The first is from the movie Amadeus, which is an absolute MUST watch ...


There are a lot of scores (also orchestral scores) from the 4 members that does exist. His brother have burned manuscripts of pieces. Nobody knows exactly wich pieces . The scores of almost all his operettas exist, you can find them in the historical library of Vienna. And also original pieces from his father.

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