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Any grip is a fulcrum, and the most important part is to grab the stick well, usually with index finger and thumb, as in the picture. That is the balance point of the fulcrum. And this applies to traditional, matched grip, and every grip. You should have it with pressure, it also will give you information on how is vibrating the stick. I recommend you to ...


The previous links suggested, especially those with "Marcos Santos," are a good place to start with Bahian style "Samba Reggae." I will try to add to those with other suggestions. It is important to remember the main samba grooves/styles come from Rio de Janeiro and Bahia (especially the city Salvador and its nearby region "Reconcavo"). Over the years, São ...


All sources I checked say that the triangle is of indefinite pitch. For example, the Percussive Arts Society has a fact sheet: You can get different effects from different size triangles, and with different playing techniques, but apparently it is not possible to change the pitch as such, ...


You can partially submerge it in a tub of water. As more of the triangle is under water, the pitch will change.


In order to change the pitch of a triangle you would need to change its mass. You could make the triangle flatter or sharper by making it larger or smaller respectively.

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