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I don't think you can. At least the command line options don't mention anything about playback: But maybe that's not really what you want, i.e. why do you want to play a reaper project and not a sound file ?


Another problem could be latency when recording with the backing track. If you import the track, then attempt to play along with it. Depending on what you are recording, acoustics, electronic kit with internal sounds or electronic kit triggering samples there will be varying degrees of latency. It wouldn't be a big deal with drumless tracks but the double ...


The early machines needed the song's key to be inputted. That in itself was problematic, in that then, it would only reproduce diatonic notes. Which was fine for most harmony - thirds, fifths, octaves. I worked with a band once that used one, and at a certain place in a song it sounded off. The singer accused the other two singers of being out of tune, until ...


The old way people use these pedals is to create a preset that specifies one key and how many harmony notes should be added and in some cases which diatonic intervals to add. So a preset might be in C major and always add a diatonic third above and fourth below (making a second inversion diatonic triad). When changing songs or changing keys in the middle of ...

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