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I love the instrument and I'd really like to start learning Then do it. I'm almost 48 years old. About two months ago I started French horn lessons. I have never played a brass instrument before. I'm sure you know that in the brass family, the French horn is seen as the difficult one. I thought a lot about taking up the trombone or the trumpet, but I ...


A big part of the difference in sound comes down to the lips. Instruments like the oboe and bassoon are played with the reed between the lips, which act to dampen the higher harmonics that contribute to that "rough" or "wild" sound. A great comparison is to look at the predecessor of the oboe, the shawm


The oboe is much harder to play than the clarinet. Your experience on the clarinet will help a bit, a lot of the fingerings will be familiar. The oboe has much more resistance, you will need to re-learn a lot of your breath control. The embouchure muscles work differently and it will take a long time to build them up, your clarinet experience won't help much....


I have also been working on an electronic harmonium and, after experiments with synthesis I agree with user44435 that it makes sense to reproduce sampled material. I am using Javascript AudioContext. Each of my harmonium's 42 reed sounds are recorded as individual mp3 files and decoded and stored in a buffer using createBufferSource and decodeAudioData. The ...

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