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How to determine the timing of multi-note appoggiaturas?

Double or triple grace appoggiaturas have no fixed duration.
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How do you know if a song has triplets in 4/4 or if the tempo is 3/4?

We must also consider - although different options always available - where we want the downbeat (accent) to be placed. So in this example in the 4/4 time the emphasis will be on the 1st note of the ...
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How to improve intuitive feeling for rhythm

ask you to play a backing for a singer ... Sorry, I have to practice this first. ... I'm already doing a lot of these classic rhythm exercises...point where I want to go. It's hard to tell whether ...
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How to improve intuitive feeling for rhythm

get a little bongo drum or something similar and spend time on it. Helped me a lot. Also studying different rhythm patterns, for example clave. ALternatively you could get a drum practice pad and do ...
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How to improve intuitive feeling for rhythm

This is actually a very interesting topic with no straightforward answer. I think it is obvious that people differ a lot when it comes to perception of rhythm and what we vaguely describe as "...
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Writing out this syncopated rhythm

When you start by writing 1,2,3,4 under the four main beats, you're nearly half way there! That's a safe way to split up the timing. Then, each beat is easier to sub-divide into its four components Ne&...
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Writing out this syncopated rhythm

Your spelling of the rhythm is correct based on the standard “1e&a” system of counting sixteenth notes. Keep in mind that the “2” is tied to the “a” of beat 1 so it is not played separately, it is ...
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