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Difference between a ride and a crash/ride cymbal

At the risk of covering something you may already know well, let's take a detour and be clear about what crash and ride cymbals are and how they are different. Then the explanation of what a crash/...
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Adding cristality to ride and hats

I generally use EQ to boost the frequency ranges that I want and drop the volume on the hi-hat channel to suit. The key frequencies I use for tweaking hi-hats are: 200 to 300 Hz - This is where the ...
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What makes a cymbal "dry" or "wet"?

In general wet will have more sustain. Dry will be dark with a very fast decay. Simply put wet just rings more.
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Cleaning Up Zildjian Cymbal Stains

Cymbals use an alloy containing copper so they tarnish and corrode over time, even if they are not touched with sweaty fingers. Some drummers prefer tarnished cymbals, though I think it's more about (...
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