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What are these numbers like "6 5" that are stacked on each other below the bass staff in a sheet of music?

This is figured bass. Subject to several conventions, it indicates the harmony by indicating which intervals above the bass note are in the chord. The idea is that someone playing a chordal ...
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Why are these 2 sharps ignored?

You are reading the notation correctly. I don't know the original, but since there is a difference between them either the sheet music is incorrect or the video is incorrect. Or possibly both.
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Why are these 2 sharps ignored?

You are reading the sheet music correctly. This is (pretty much) the original. Start checking at 1:38. The sheet music is correct. The Synthesia is incorrect. Don't ...
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Why are these 2 sharps ignored?

This is the location in the original: You will see that the score is faithful to this. In fact this seems to be a score issued by Square Sounds in 2001, so it should be ...
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Transposing Piano Accompaniment for Vocalist - When to Change Clefs

Whilst you can mechanically transpose piano parts down a fixed interval, there's a good chance you'll end up with something that sounds muddy in places. If you have the time it would be better to ...
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Learning Piano/Keyboard

For eg: if the song shows melody note D in treble clef, I play GBD in RH if the chord name suggest G at top of the treble clef, then use LH with 5th finger on only G below octave. Yes, that is the ...
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Learning Piano/Keyboard

Your approach is certainly a valid way to get started playing chords. As you get more used to it, you might make some changes, like using other fingers of the left hand based on what's convenient, or ...
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Are these groups of notes played together?

The clue you're looking for is in the note values! The semibreves are full bar length. The quavers count up to eight - the correct number to fit the whole bar. So the chord and the first quaver must ...
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