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What is this quadruple-dotted X above the staff?

It is a differently notated Segno sign. Various tradition in the notation and printing of music will have several different signs. Segno just means sign. Usually it is notated as follows, but hey ...
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What is this quadruple-dotted X above the staff?

Just look a bit further on the page: right below that staff there are two footnotes with the same symbol: As the comment from 小太郎 explains, the ※ symbol is a reference mark used in Chinese, Japanese ...
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In a classical guitar score, when a section plays very low notes, is it better to use 8va bassa, G clef transposed 1 octave down or the F clef?

In my opinion, none of those is good. They all have one thing in common: they will confuse anyone who will be reading your score, and for several reasons: If you're going to change what the dots on ...
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Tips for learning and memorizing passages consisting of groups of only slightly different notes?

General approach It is generally easier to memorize groups of notes, or patterns of notes, as opposed to memorizing each note individually. In passages like the ones shown, it can be helpful to "...
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