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Working out your optimum fingering is always going to be part of the practice regime. Couple of points that crop up, referencing this particular piece. The thumb is usually the most mobile of all the digits - it'll stretch further left and right than the others (although its length gives it other disadvantages). So, it would follow that using it on C as a ...


Especially when sight-reading, it's helpful to look ahead and plan your fingering. In this case, with such a short piece, it's easy to see that the B is the lowest note and G is the highest. (So we can't pick any one hand position that gives one note to each finger. We'll have to either do some stretching, or move our hand at some point.) We can also notice ...


Might try using chordify app to get in the ballpark with your progression and then make adjustments as recommended above. A book that’s very useful is called chord chemistry, by green, that can give you a lot of insight for making those adjustments.

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