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Tell them the situation. 'I didn't have time to prepare all of this. Would you like to hear the part I HAVE learned?' Spare them the sob story about your dog dying etc. They'll either say yes or no. If you're auditioning for a chair in a band, part of the job is being able to play, part is being reliable in preparing for performances. However much you ...


Well, compare the event to an event where you would play at a concert or recital. In that case you would skip that section and make the transition you suggested, wouldn't you? The result would be you make a great performance. What else can you actually do apart from withdrawing from playing the piece? Your question regarding whether it is OK to skip that ...


There's nothing you can do at the last minute. The whole point of an audition is so that the jury can hear how you play the piece they set. If you can't play all of it as written, then you are wasting your time and the jury's by going to the audition at all. Somebody else will be prepared


There are many ways to alter a phrase, so you can't really generalize it or say a fixed answer... However, listen to some songs and notice, that they often have a motif. These are often not a whole phrase, rather only a few notes. Many times the motif is just a 3 or 4 note sequence and then progress differently. Just look at Hedwig's Theme from Harry ...

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