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They were famous from the first, as were some other Cremona violin makers. Later on, the Strads were rebuilt (as were other marks) to 19th century standards; the rebuilds worked better on the Strads. There is a (possibly apocryphal) story about Cremona factory signs. Supposedly Amati, Guarneri, and Stradivarius each had a factory on the same block in Cremona....


Your guitar will not be damaged by leaving it with broken strings. The tension difference won't have any affect, even for long periods of time. Solid body guitars especially can withstand a very wide range of tension put on them, and less or no tension won't change them at all.


Never had any problems leaving one string off for a short time, so I'd say it's o.k. Particularly if the guitar concerned has a trussrod. There is a way round it, though. Buy more strings than you need at that time - so you'll always have extra for situationss like this. Guitar strings are sacrificial - they're not meant to last as long as the guitar - and ...


It will probably be just fine for 2 weeks. You may want to loosen the other strings a bit if they have jumped sharp. (Not as likely with a fixed bridge as it would be with a floating bridge.) It's actually recommended to reduce the tension on a guitar that will be stored. For example, Fender suggests loosening all the strings by two half-steps.


I try a more didactic approach to answer the questions: An "open string" vibrates over its full length. The string is shortened by stopping it, meaning to press it down with a finger at a given place. Then only the part between the finger and the bow will vibrate. Between A and C# are 4 semitones; this is already stated in your quote. Musicians ...


The "unstopped" length means the longest vibrating length of the string, known as the "open" string. Other pitches are produced by pressing ("stopping") the string at various points along its length. The number of notes between A and C# (inclusive) is 5: A A# B C C#. 2^(-1/12) approx. equals 0.944. The real question is: why is ...

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