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Playing muted strings is a percussive effect with lots of attack, hardly any sustain, and no clearly discernible pitch (in theory). A section of vocalists could achieve a similar effect by using: plosives (unpitched "T" or "P" sounds) grunting thumping their chests Be creative. That said, sometimes the muted string is really more of a really short ...


Muted notes in standard notation are marked by an x like this picture shows: Source: and the choir could sing/articulate these x notes by a toneless t- k The example would be interpreted: dum t-k dum t-k dum dum dum dum


Your guitar is now a Bb guitar = tuned down a major second. The E strings are tuned in D and also all others are a whole tone lower. The notation is like you would read it if the instrument would be tuned in C. The instrument is transposing these chords from G down to F. This is quite the same like the music written for all Bb-instruments like trumpet, ...


NH and <> both mean the same thing. They're natural harmonics

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