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Forgetting the instrument If you have an instrument the student can use during lessons, then that's probably your best solution. But understanding this may not be possible, then your next option is to practice things that don't require the instrument: music theory (at a keyboard if available), sight singing, listening (to expand repertoire and general ...


Is the parent actively discouraging their child? Or is the parent simply a busy person who doesn't care one way or another about whether their child plays violin or does any of a dozen other activities? Because they're presumably paying for lessons, which implies a level of active support. And is the child actually both invested in playing and unable to ...


Obviously not an ideal learning situation, but how often is the learning situation actually ideal? None of us know which interested or uninterested person will prevail in the end, but as long as the interested person receives support and validation of their interest from others, chances are better that they will make progress in pursuit of their interest. ...


Realistically? Nothing. Take the money as long as they want to keep paying. Then move on. But are you sure you're getting the full information? Children come up with very ingenious justifications for lack of practice.

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