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I've seen customers get asked to leave for playing chopsticks and heart and soul on the keyboards but those customers probably had no intention of making a purchase at that point in time. Music stores are often mistaken for music playgrounds and it can interfere with sales.


Continuo Playing According to Handel: His Figured Bass Exercises (Oxford Early Music Series) According to ttw that’s all what I’ve found: https://www.slideshare.net/fitrah67563/continuo-playing-according-to-handel-his-figured-bass-exercises-oxford-early-music-series-109183350 enter link description here This book is an edition, with commentary, of Handel'...


Handel did have students. He wrote some exercises in counterpoint for them. Apparently little is known about his students. There is a (behind a paywall) article: "Handel's students, two lovers and a shipwreck," by David Hunter. It's an intriguing title, perhaps for a movie like "Titanic." The only student I have actually read about was Princess Anne. Some ...


"lesson one" for piano and "für Elise" I would throw the all out! ;)

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