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Swing is a rhythmic feel, not a tempo. And there's not much theory in it. You just play pairs of 8th notes not evenly but with the first one longer than the second. Not 'ta-ta ta-ta ta-ta-ta' but '-doo-bie doo-bie doobie'. Not trotting, skipping. You've heard it a thousand times. Don't try to count it mechanically. A demonstration should do it.


The answer to the question needn't involve creating a new type of articulation. Perhaps the tempo change actually occurs earlier, and your bar 100 should look more like your bar 105, using 16th notes rather than triplet 8th notes? Or instead, if you look at bar 99, are you certain that the rest at the end of the bar is precisely a quarter note? Perhaps you ...


The tempo is given, 195–200 quarter notes per minute. "Swing" does not refer to the tempo but means to swing the eight notes, i.e. play first eight note in a beat longer and the second one shorter. Given presence of triplet rhythms in the piece, this means the most common realization to play rhythm written in the first measure below as the second ...

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