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Depending on where you live, the mains power is 100 - 240V AC, which won't work for effect pedals. Most guitar pedals take 9V DC power, and that's the stuff that needs to be supplied for the pedal to work, and that's what you need a power supply for. Some small pedals can also be powered by an internal 9V battery, but not all. The Big Sky does not have an ...


As I suspected, it's still needing to be powered by mains current. So, it's a sort of wall wart - a power supply that needs power itself from that outlet in the wall. If you're in the middle of nowhere, with no power supply, you'll need batteries for pedals. Come to think about it, you'll also need power for the amp. yu're playing through although there is ...


Wow lots of complex answers! My take from personal experience is the answer is (1) The appropriate name for (2) is simply “arrangement” Example: SATIN DOLL original arrangement by Duke Ellington arrangement by: John Doe


This is easy: Beethoven named it so, see Wikipedia. A modern piano can always drown a violin and and I guess, it was the same situation with fortepiano at Beethovens time. (So I don't buy the emphasized instrument first proposal.) The sequence is unusual, however, since more often than not a piano is involved anyway (Advantages: supports harmonies, can ...


Yes, the Wikipedia writer classes a simple backbeat as syncopation. I disagree. I'd just call that a 'backbeat'. Reserving 'syncopation' for rhythms with accents that DON'T align with the prevailing beat.


Common tones. That's the standard word for a note that is common to two (or more) harmonies and is usually held/sustained/repeated when moving between two (or more) harmonies. In most usage, it's a term that's reserved for voice-leading strategies (e.g., "hold on to the common tone between the chord and move the other notes in reverse direction to the bass"...


Do = Tonic , Ra = Supertonic , Me = Mediant , Fa = Sub-dominant , So = Dominant ' La = Sub-mediant ' Ti = Leading note , Do = Tonic for whichever diatonic key you choose.

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