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What are the advantages of using a MIDI file when performing a DJ set?

I’m not a DJ but I suspect the advantages of midi in general would still apply. Unlike most other popular formats like wav mp3 midi is not really a recording of sounds. It is rather a record of ...
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Traktor - Remixdeck-Samples do not play in sync

In a TRAKTOR Remix Deck also each individual Sample Cell is either in Synced or Unsynced mode. To change a Sample Cell to Synced mode, first make the Remix Deck appear in its Advanced Deck Layout, ...
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Capture a loop from analog vinyl to remix-deck?

If your interface can accept the cable from your turntable (or you have an adaptor) then yes. External audio signals can be Live Input in Traktor. I hope this is ...
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link ableton to traktor and let traktor be the master

yes it is possible. but first, it's OS specific method. To achieve that, generally, you need to make the traktor outputing a midi clock and captured by ableton later. in traktor it should be like ...
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What is a green cue point in Traktor?

I learned from this video that these green cue points are actually saved loops. Just as you can save a cue point at your current position by selecting an empty cue slot, you can also save your ...
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Pause Traktor deck automatically when cue point is reached?

As far as I know, that's not possible. You have Cue, Fade-In/Out, Load, Grid, Loop. That's it.
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Set pitch back to 0% (Original BPM) in Traktor

Alas, this is no longer the answer as Traktor changed its menus! To reset tempo back to 0 with a button, I had to go into Add In>Deck Common>Tempo Adjust. NEXT, I had to assign a midi key. Without ...
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Why doesn't Traktor update the key and BPM fields after I analyze the track?

I'm quite sure that's a bug, and one that NI fixed a while ago. I haven't had that issue in years Your version of Traktor is 6 years old. Traktor 3, a major version upgrade, was released in 2018. I ...
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How to configure Traktor to analyse non-analyzed tracks only

first i put a folder or prep. list into the browser header then i analyse the tracks when they are in my preperation list or any folder by marking all tracks then rightclick analyse special and set ...
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Playing vinyl with Traktor Scratch Pro 2

Native Instruments (creator of Traktor) provides a multicore cable in order to connect turntables correctly to the mixer so that the system can work properly in DVS or Analogeu mode. DVS mode is ...
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