From your previous question (Sudden death of Fishman preamp on acoustic guitar), I'd guess that you don't KNOW if it's faulty, you're just assuming so. I still maintain that it's the church sound engineer who has the problem. You will be looking for an under-saddle pickup - the hole will already have been drilled, for the previous pickup. Make sure you get ...


The easiest way to do this is probably to use an audio interface. An audio interface lets you plug in a 1/4" jack and connect the interface to your computer using USB. The interface can convert analog to digital signal, and vice versa. It looks something like this.


Anything loose in the guitar or the transducer can cause a ring or snare. This can be as ridiculous as the beginning of a string resting loosely on the top of the guitar. Or the adhesive pad (?) for the transducer might have grown loose spots. Unless the problem is in direct vicinity of the transducer, you should be able to discern it when playing loudly ...

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