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"Ut" and "La" notation on horn and cornet instruments in orchestral score?

Composers could not predict the actual concert pitch of the horn, whose length was intentionally variable. The composer would state his preference as to pitch (e.g. "Horn in G") and, in ...
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Understanding transposing instruments

It's not as complicated as it appears, and you've got the initial idea. If the question is "Why have transposing instruments at all," then if you want an experiential understanding that you'...
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Understanding transposing instruments

It's common to be confused about transposition when you're used to instruments tuned in concert pitch (as already noted, guitars are transposing instruments, but since the transposition is of an ...
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Understanding transposing instruments

For winds, the range of an instrument depends on its length. (Same for strings for that matter.) Manufacturers of instruments liked to make a family of instruments with the same proportions but a ...
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