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This is a specific kind of tremolo called a "measured tremolo." It means repeating the same note a steady, measured rate. When a quarter note has one slash through the stem, you play two equal notes in its place, so a quarter note with a slash means to play two eighth notes. When that stem has two slashes though the stem, you play four equal notes in its ...


The video you linked to showed a guy using two fingers for tremolo on the top string as you noticed. I can't (haven't learned to) do tremolo that way, but I have a couple of alternative methods: Fingernail-as-pick. You mentioned that you play mostly fingerstyle, and I think this method is worth learning if you don't really use a pick. Basically, it's as ...


As @JSheldon says, vibrato is varying pitch, tremolo is varying loudness. Why singers vary pitch more agilely than loudness is an accident of human musculature -- songbirds are quite different, for instance. The muscles that adjust the tension of the vocal cords (to adjust pitch) are tiny, and can change tension rapidly. The diaphragm and other apparatus ...


According to this... ...divisi dots can be placed over long notes to show quarter note repetition. may want to confirm that with source other than Wikipedia.


Tremolo repeats cannot be used for notes as long as crotchets (quarter notes). However, you could use simile slashes/percent repeats. For example:


PiedPiper and user65529 are right: why would you want to and basically no. But if you're familiar with sim. (simile) it might be useful. I can't really picture what you're doing though.

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