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Solo is when you are the only one playing the part. For soli, it is when your entire section is playing. It is literally the plural of solo, which means that more than one person is playing the solo, or a soloist is being accompanied by a section of the ensemble.


'Solo' is a featured passage for one player. 'Soli' is a featured passage for more than one player or instrument. It may mean the whole trombone section play it. Like 'Heads up, guys! You've got the tune!' Or that just one player on each part is to play. I think we can assume that if it's in the third part, at least SOMEONE from that section will ...


'Soli' generally refers to an exposed, soloistic part but played by several players or a whole section. Without seeing the score it's impossible to generalize, but it's possible that it's intended that only one player from each part plays. Your band director will explain what they want, but you should probably have the part prepared in case you have to play ...


It's a bend: an articulation mark representing a brief flattening of the note.The note is attacked in tune but is immediately flattened - by up to a semitone - before coming up to pitch again.


That is a bend or a dip. You make a clear attack on the note and then do a very slight glissando around a quarter or half step down and then return to the original pitch.

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