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Why is the speedfader for turntables called pitchfader?

I know that in general the term 'pitch' stands for the height and depth of a sound. Hmmm... not really! Pitch is the name we give for subjectively how high or low an audio frequency sounds. And ...
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How to properly set signal volume when sampling

Most modern audio electronics are designed to be linear. That means that ideally, it shouldn't matter how much signal level you have: the output level simply scales along with the input level, with no ...
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Why is the speedfader for turntables called pitchfader?

Because a DJ might be adjusting the speed in order to align the tempos of two songs, or he might be doing it to align their pitches. Changing the rotational speed will do both. Using a computer, we ...
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Why is the speedfader for turntables called pitchfader?

With a turntable for vinyl, changing the speed at which the record turns will inevitably change the pitch of the song. Slower speed means lower pitch. Yes, its action is to adjust the speed, but the ...
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Capture a loop from analog vinyl to remix-deck?

If your interface can accept the cable from your turntable (or you have an adaptor) then yes. External audio signals can be Live Input in Traktor. I hope this is ...
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Record Audio in Ableton Live from Behringer Digital Pro Mixer DDM4000

You know what, idk if the 2i4 is the right Audio Interface. I just purchased the DDM4000 yesterday and the sales person was telling me that you need at minimum the 4i4. I have the Native Instruments ...
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What is it called when a DJ rewinds, then fastforwards quickly?

the used effect is to sensor explicit lyrics. It is a function on the 'club standard' DJ players from Pioneer. The effect is called: Reverse on Slip Mode reverse wil play the backwards. slipmode is ...
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Playing vinyl with Traktor Scratch Pro 2

Native Instruments (creator of Traktor) provides a multicore cable in order to connect turntables correctly to the mixer so that the system can work properly in DVS or Analogeu mode. DVS mode is ...
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