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What is the technical term for this type of singing?

In a round, one singer (or group of singers) begin singing, and when they reach a certain point in the song, another singer (or group) enters. There can be three, four, or even more separate singers ...
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Performance directions for a vocal technique

Smith is singing with an extended portamento style. If you want to be precise, you can use a slur symbol between notes (but be warned, a slur between more than two notes will be read as legato or ...
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Why does vocal harmony 3rd interval up sound better than 3rd interval down?

A thing that I found only in Aaron's post touched on the original question: If the melody is in C Major, going a 3rd up or a 6th down is like adding a melody in Phrygian scale, going a 3rd down is ...
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What's it called when all the instruments cut out and only the vocals continue and then the instruments return?

This was posted 3 years ago, so I am sure you've found an answer by now (though I don't see one that feels right, I'm here looking for one too) but me and all my music friends call it a "false ...
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