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I don't like my voice

No-one likes the sound of their own voice. Never let a vocalist engineer a recording, he'll ruin the voice track with plugins designed to make it sound like anyone except HIM. And keep their hands ...
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Oktavism and low larynx

I suggest, from what I have heard, that he uses his ventricular vocal folds in a similar style as in undertone singing/throat singing, not to be confused with overtone singing. It activates the ...
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How is (male) falsetto taught?

Trying to describe any vocal 'process' can be very difficult, and often ends up by using nebulous instructions like "sing through the top of your head". Teaching by example is often more ...
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Do sopranos find Silent Night easier in Bb than in D?

As others have pointed out Silent Night is unusual for a congregational hymn as it covers more than an octave. I am a high soprano and find I prefer to sing it in the key of D. However, for most ...
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