Kit Kitson has some books (rather old) that do discuss some ideas historically. Thomas Christensen's The Cambridge History of Western Music Theory also discusses some ideas in context.


The book that immediately comes to my mind is "Counterpoint: The Polyphonic Vocal Style of the Sixteenth Century" by Knud Jeppesen (1892–1974). However it is not a 100% match to your requirements, it still covers many of the topics, you are interested in. Although I am quite sure it does not contain any comparisons to non-"Western" music, it has a very ...


From what I've read / heard, I believe Japan uses Chinese tuning, which if I recall correctly is essentially Pythagorean tuning, which would be reasonably approximated by 12tet. There is a heavy reliance on heptatonic and pentatonic scales obviously, which probably suggests a 12-tet or meantone kind of system. Britannica Encyclopedia Page on Japanese Music ...

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