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How to sing higher head voice notes more quietly?
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2 votes

The answer to your last question is probably yes. But I'm guessing that this is not exactly what you want to know. It's also about timbre not just volume. If you keep a consistent medium or low volume ...

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how to build vocal stamina
4 votes

I think I know what you mean, I've faced the same issues from time to time. As I understand you're not a professional singer. Yes, a voice should become stronger over time as you train more. The ...

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Using two microphones for vocals
-3 votes

I hadn't really noticed this but I'm guessing it was probably used to create a stereo effect to make the vocals a bit richer. I don't think it is really necessary anyway which might explain why it was ...

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Can anyone learn to sing higher?
1 votes

My experience so far is that you CAN sing higher, as high as a tenor or even higher, but you will never sing the way a tenor does, if that's what you expect...When I started I probably couldnt sing ...

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Add pre amp to audio interface to enhance sound quality?
2 votes

I'm almost positive that the problem is not the interface but the settings on the amp sims you use or the amps sims themselves. Experiment more. As for the clipping, I'm not sure but your interface ...

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Home recording: Preamp or Dynamic Mic?
0 votes

To get a better sound at vocals your best bet would be to sit down and work with what you got. Improve your mixing skills. Your gear is pretty good and there's no reason that you can't get something ...

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