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My Dream

I am a fan of good music, In a way that I like making it. I want to grow in the world of making music. I make House/Electronic House. I use Fl Studio for that and I post my songs on Youtube and SoundCloud (Links at the bottem). I am also in the need of a new logo. I am to busy at the moment to start creating a logo. You know school and music. If you would like to make one just send me a mail or a message on SoundCloud


I am currently in the 3rth year of Informatics school in italy. This year we have been focusing on C/C++. After school I hop after my computer where I work on Java programs and a game in c++. I currently have trubble with files and classes. Any awnsers on my questions would be realy nice.


Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die (einstein).


SoundCloud: YouTube:
contact mail: [email protected]

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