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I am a software engineer originally from the midwest and now living in NYC. I have been tinkering with code since childhood on a Commodore 64 (Snoopy versus the Red Baron was hard…until you changed the game!) and continued on later in school writing LPC code for a MUD. I began my undergraduate studies in Electronics Engineering but my frustration with analog signal processing spurred my jump to Computer Engineering for which I earned my B.S. Being outside the classroom for a couple years was a challenge so I went back (virtually) and earned my M.S. in Computer Information Systems a couple years later.

Over the last decade I’ve been focusing mostly on the Microsoft stack. Professionally I started with some maintenance of VB6 ASP applications, grew into ASP.NET applications up through InfoPath and SharePoint 2007, SharePoint Workflows and now Silverlight 4 with WCF services riding on SharePoint. I’m an Apple fan too with almost my entire computer infrastructure at home consisting of Macs with the occasional Windows or Ubuntu box.

My passion for programming is only rivaled by my interest in foreign languages and customs. As a big scifi watching, fantasy reading, code-dreams having engineer I often find human interaction puzzling. I think this is what drives my interest in the diversity of personalities and cultures across the globe. To date I speak a few languages and can be pleasant and ask for help in a dozen or so more. The most satisfying part of language learning is spotting intercultural influence and verifying your hypothesis and learning even more in the process.

I would love to travel more and visit the places about which I’ve studied and I hope to eventually have that mobility. First up: Norway!

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