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Well - right now I am at around a decade of working with Microsoft products and I've been developing commercially with Visual Studio in some form for nearly all of that, in some shape or form. I started with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and moved onto VB.NET, then C#. I've also done coding in everything from Pascal, Delphi and C++ through to PHP.

Before all of that, I used to code on the Acorn Electron (a variant of the BBC Micro's BASIC was the language of choice there). My earliest years (aged 6) involved getting out of bed at night to type out the code shown in the books, and this proved to be my right of passage.

I currently web development and coding for a living using various Content Management Systems - a job which is a brilliant job to do. More importantly I can afford to eat. Always a bonus.

I live to code and code to live, because I feel it gives me an "artistic" outlet, whereby it provides me with a creative outlet. I guess it's the same way that many people find it is fun to solve crossword puzzles - I like to solve coding issues.

I find contracting enjoyable as I get to meet a variety of developers - ranging from the enthusiastic newbie through to some of the best .NET developers.

My path into coding goes BBC Basic -> Spectrum -> Amiga AMOS -> Visual Basic 6 -> Pascal -> Java 1.3+ -> ASP.NET (C# although I will code in VB.NET sometimes since it has some useful facilities like optional parameters for a class' members)

It is even more fun to help others manage to code correctly. Keep reading and learning - developers should never stand still in this field which is consistently fast moving.

I always aim to deliver my best, and appreciate decent feedback.

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