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Laila Primlon

Bonjour! Je'mapelle Laila Primlon. J'ai quartorze ans. Just kidding, Just kidding LOL XD Hello. I'm Laila. I'm 14 years old going on 15. Woot Woot XD. Considering the site I'm going to start with my musical interest and coming from my profile picture I am a Violinist. I LOVE LOVE LOVE playing the Violin and I'm actually hoping on learning how to play Viola. I'd like to learn Cello but my Orchestra teacher said that there are WAY too many Cellists and she usually runs out of Cello's so I might not get my chance D: (But hey there's always private lessons :P.) I've been playing Violin for 5 years and I started in grade 5 which is a bummer because ever since Kindergarten it's just something I've always wanted to do. Anyways I consider myself to be an Orch Dork. #OrchDorkForLife. Not a fan of Band Geeks but that doesn't mean I resent them (Okay a little but NOT A LOT XD). Other than Orchestra (WOOO). I am a total bookworm. I LOVE to read. My favourite series are the Lunar Chronicles (YES). Percy Jackson Series (YES). The Young Elites Trilogy (WOO!) and The Legends Trilogy (HURRAH!) I must say I am a reading Psyco. Why? Because I am physically and mentally connected to the books that I read. I talk to my books, I cry about my books, I yell about my books, I rant about my books, I laugh to and about my books, I smile like a complete and utter maniac when I read my books, I get mad about my books sometimes to the point when I'd throw them across the room. Yup I'm that bad. XD I swear tell me though "that it's just a book or just a character". . . I will kill you. O_O. Don't be scared though I'm a sweet angel. Thanks for reading my bio about basically my two favourite things in the world so Au revoir et À plus tard!

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