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Currently building and maintaining a few little projects using Python, Java, Android, and PostgreSQL.

StackOverflow's high question standards work for me. I keep finding the answer to my question while writing the question. At least twice, I was almost ready to hit "post", tried one more thing, and ended up switching to self-answered before posting.

Also, if my number of asked questions seems low, that's ignoring so many questions that were already answered here.


  • strong types
  • named parameters
  • UTF-8 support
  • multi-line strings
  • defined behavior
  • cheap abstractions
  • REPLs
  • quick data types
  • succinct anonymous functions
  • explicit code blocks


  • "Do Something Anyway"
  • boilerplate
  • method chaining on mutable objects
  • bare numerics


  • I use the "Skip" button a ton in reviews.
  • I vote to reject super-trivial edits, or ones that make it worse.
  • I vote against closure, or for reopening, questions about technologies that are strongly related to programming. They might be better on some other site, but that merits a suggestion to the OP in a comment, not a close vote.
  • I downvote answers that do not address the question asked (in some way). The title is not the question.
  • I search for duplicates for all questions that sound like they might have been asked before.
  • I feel a compulsion to downvote anyone who complains about downvotes, but I try my best to be good :)
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