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My occupation is nurse student... Yep... Find time to increase my knowledge on digital graphics though. Hope to some day be able to program something as accurate to imagination as possible without having to resort to paintings.

Fave things to do are keep chill and pursue my interests.

Talking about it, I can't survive without music! Don't like to drop the base or shake my booty though, I like anything chill. My fave audio artists are Insan3lik3, Moving Castle, Diversa and many more alikes. As you can see I've got glitchy vibes ^_^

Fave books are: Anything technical (Anatomical/Mechanical atlas, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science), nice stories or interesting jewels. I am not a bookworm though, I read for fun.

Don't have fave autors, digital/traditional artists, directors, writers, surgeons, etc. Everyone have something I admire

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