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I am a fan of quirky puns, dad jokes, and ironically long, well thought out, encapsulating jokes, with more than one punch line. As well as overuse of commas.

I code from my Dell Windows 10 PC, using cmd and notepad/notepad++.

I love over-engineering scripts to the point of near perfection, for the shear fun of the challenge, but through this I am also training myself to use some of the more complicated, repressed functions of cmd. After this, I am going to jump into coding with Linux and Python from scratch, and hopefully be able to answer some questions other users may have.

My more nefarious ventures include coding viruses, DoS'ing my system and friends system(only if they mess with me) and accessing computers remotely. This is ALL for White hat purposes, and I am not doing anything malicious, just testing my system for vulnerability and messing with friends in a non-threatening matter.


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