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I am a Software Engineer for Dixon's Carphone and also work Freelance with several different companies making bespoke systems and helping companies with programming questions. I work with technologies such as PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, JSON, WordPress, MVC CodeIgniter, MySQL.

I have worked with the following in the past: Elastic Search, ELK Stack, MongoDB, Composer, Node.js (slightly) RESTful API's & Creating them, Bootstrap, Skeleton CSS and Foundation CSS, Linux (Ubuntu and CentOS 7), Can use VIM and Nano, MS Command Line (Basic-Intermediate), able to use Putty.

With my freelance work my preference is to work with: CodeIgniter MVC, Bootstrap, HTML and CSS. I am also researching into Magento now, I have education experience in Java and have used it a little bit commercially for a project. I use WordPress for simple websites for clients. I have also worked with Android Studio briefly

My developer bucket list is: Laravel, msSQL, Symphony, carry on learning Maven (Java MVC), top up my skills on Java, learn C#.NET/ ASP.NET and learn how to create iOS and Android applications properly.

I have also worked as Office IT Support my responsibilities are things such as: Installing Anti-Virus, repair machine errors, hardware changes and upgrades, E-mails using webmail and cPanel, I have worked with setting up VoIP phones onto a network and working on Horizon phone software, installation of printers and other software. I like to consider myself as an all-round IT member of staff, I am both Development and Support. As for the support front I have a lot to learn.

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