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How can a classical pianist learn jazz piano?
15 votes

I am a jazz musician who has helped people make this very transition. I would like to add the good comments here by suggesting a few books for study material: The Jazz Piano Book - a definitive work ...

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How do professional accompanying musicians (seem to) figure out songs instantly?
11 votes

TV-show bands research the music of guest artists beforehand, including the keys in which they work. They do this for a few reasons, not the least of which is the off chance that there is an ...

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How useful is a metronome for playing the piano?
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A sense of time varies from person to person. Some people have an acute sense of time and have less need for a metronome, while others may struggle with time. So the use of a metronome is relative to ...

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Please recommend a book with excercises for guitar duet
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For a real challenge but also a great reward try: JAZZ DUETS Joe Pass Herb Ellis Guitar Book I'm just editing my response (the above two lines) because I now realize you were asking for exercises. ...

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