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How to get reading dotted quarter notes natural?
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Subdivide in 8ths. So it's a group of 3 followed by another 8th (3 + 1). Works with all crazy combinations I've seen: always go for the smallest common denominator (works for analyzing how to play ...

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How to keep the version number in an include file?
1 votes

I think the "logic" behind the request to add the \version to the lilypond file is that whatever file you are writing, it "works" on a given version: the one you are using. It might work, probably on ...

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Can this notation be considered either 3/4 or 6/8 time?
2 votes

To the best of my knowledge, they are not the same. 3/4 feels like there are 3 "binary" beats each bar. Think of waltz. 6/8 feels like there are only two beats and where each beat can be felt as ...

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What are the practical reasons for still having transposing instruments?
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I see very long explanations.... here's my short version: Suppose you spend 10 years learning how to play the normal plain flute in C. 10 years reading middle C to be written on the first additional ...

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