First of all: English is not my home language, so before anything I ask your pardon for all the grammar, spelling and syntax errors that I always (but not intentionally) make. So, every edit, correction or suggestion to improve my writing will be welcome and I even ask for them.

I do electronics as a hobby since 1987, when I was 14 and there were no internet, just magazines; I pioneered "physical computing" back then, writing BASIC programs that polled the LPT port of my diskless PC where I had attached ugly homemade dongles.

Since then I have scavengered thousands of components from old equipments, also hundreds of TTL IC´s from 80's computers; now, in the microcontroller / SMD modules age, I don't know where I'll use them! ;-)

Since I am an old school hobbyst, I have doubts about all the hype of the so called "maker movement".

I think that a hobbyst can be a good repairer (as I am), but anything else is just hype: all the devices that we build ourselves will be uglier, more expensive, and will never be so good and reliable as a comercial product. Even so, I keep this hobby just for pleasure, and I find so much. I'm happy even if I never "make" something useful.

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